Thursday, 26 August 2010

Fruity faces...

I got inspired by artist Archimbolo for his seasonal portraits... so here's a few I did :)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

...Background ideas?

So... I'm trying to design a background-ish thing for this blog... I had this so far:
...but I think i'll make it shorter and wider. Looks better like that...well it does in my mind :)
Oh well...i'll keep on sketching :)

Veggie-Z - The Vegetarian Zombie

Ahh...I remember making Veggie-Z back in my first year of Illustration. Although I highly doubt that there ever would be a vegetarian zombie... this was my first sketch of him...
Although i thought he looked a bit too scary... so he ended up like this:
I'll post up the veggie-z story later on...

Scrapbook Summer Diary tasters...

So this is the front cover of my Summer Scrapbook diary 2009... its a shame the picture faded it was really cool! Got it from the first and second year exhibition in Uni :)
Beach break 2009!! First page of my diary. 20th June apparently...
Another page...
Ahh my little trip to Colchester. Noodle Bar is amazing btw... Of course i bet the whole population of Colchester already know that ;) Purple Dog is a nice little bar... i remember drinking a lot of Desperado's :)

New beginnings

Well...I've never done a blog before. So I guess there's a first for everything.
I'll keep you updated. Might be a bit slow to start.