Friday, 17 December 2010

Some old work - Food project

This is a few things i came across on my usb from the 1st year of uni.
The london underground grape vine

And some bananas:

Heh. Bye Bye See you soon!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Final design

At last finished all my finals!
Here is the last one:

Blu-tack handcuffs - the law is elasticated :)


So we have our deadline for our project in soon. Still advertising... here's what ive done:
So this is my project for Anti-littering, hermit crabs dont need new homes.

My image for beach litter

plastic bag jellyfish :) hehe
And now on to my blu-tack project. This was an image i thought of with the slogan "the house that tack built" giving the impression that bricks have been cemented together with Blu-tack ^_^
And here's another one. Pangea - sticking the world back together. The whole idea behind this is that billions of years ago the continents used to be one big continent, "Pangea". And im trying to re-create that by having every continent with blu-tack on the coasts/cliffs to glue it back together again.

I do have one more image, however that isn't completed yet. Will be soon though :D
Happy browsing.