Sunday, 23 October 2011

Its been a while since Ive drawn on my hand...

Perhaps looking through my old school days stuff brought back memories of classroom antics and how i would just draw on my hand and not concentrate.
I drew on my hand today, not sure of what i was doing but i kept looking at my bones and how they moved and decided to draw the skeleton over the skin.

It reminds me of those gloves that shops had a few years ago with skeleton on them.
So this was my attempt:

I also took a scan of it too. But holding my hand steady proved difficult. 

I just washed my hand but some of the ink is still inbedded in my skin... almost looks like a henna tattoo fading :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Snooper's Paradise

So i went to Brighton this weekend to visit some old friends and was taken to The Lanes and North Lanes, beautiful little shops for the vintage fanatic.
One of the shops i went into was Snoopers Paradise, over 90 stalls of second hand and vintage objects, clothes, CDs, antiques, you name it!
I came across this photo slides/negatives. And being my age i had never seen them before but talking to one of the locals there who was obviously older than me, said i could take this these slides into any photo shop and get them redeveloped.
But i love just the size of them, much cuter than regular photes!
I bought 10 at 20p each :)

Here's my selection :)

I will be visiting again for more beautiful objects!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Gift boxing

Some people know that i love to make my own cards and personalize them.
So ive been working on a gift box for someone

Im trying to find more of these mini cylinder boxes online. This one i bought from Paper Chase, it had mini colouring pencils in it, but i just liked the box!
Here's the results

I do love Paper Chase!
I also found this little gem in there:
But for £17, i didn't want to buy it. I found it much cheaper online :)

Ta Ta for now :)

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Under construction website things

I've been recently been thinking about changing my website, as the one i have was just a simple one i had to do for a university project. And my style in my work has since changed.
So ive been working on a few images to incorporate into my website.
I'd like to have a website that shows my work in each page and not just in my portfolio

So this is what ive been working on:
(NB: these aren't finalised illustrations. There will be more edited to them)

My home page perhaps?

My contact page?

About me

I also added splashes of colour to it too:

I plan on working on it most of the time :)


Thursday, 11 August 2011


So the other day i went to the garden centre, which also has a small "farm" with lots of different animals, ive been really interested in animals recently
But i had this moosetache man in my mind for a while :)

There's more animals to come :D

Tata for now!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lines, lines and more lines

So summer has begun, and im currently trying to find new inspirations for illustration.
My newest inspiration seems to be lines after making my University photo album filled with 200+ photos from the last 3 years :)

here's a peek:

havent quite finished it, as ive been doing other things, but here's a few of my liney drawings :D

I was getting bored of my profile picture on facebook, and didn't want to go back to my old myspace habit and take lots of emo shots, so i did a bit of self-portrait stuff :) 

I love my hands, (i know a little odd) they're small enough for an A4 piece of paper, so i started drawing all sorts of patterns, sort of henna-like. Maybe that will be my next illustration of hands :)

The new title for my blog page, my old one was a little boring, and i think needed to actually show some illustrative skills in action!

It started out as a head and became treeees

Friday, 3 June 2011

Alcohol Awareness - concertina Booklets :)

I made some concertina booklets for students to have - on the front it shows a demonstration how to drink certain shooters and drinks - the Tequila shot and the Jagerbomb
On the back of the concertina booklet, it gives tips on how to stay safe when drinking

Alcohol - A Glass of its own - the health affects

I made another mini book showing the health affects of alcohol
Brain damage

Breast Cancer

Heart disease



Obesity/ Diabetes type 2

Legacy of the Ladette

I made a mini book as part of my major project, showing what women can look like on a night out - its not pretty...

Ring of Fire drinking game

So part of my project for my major project, i decided to recreate the drinking game, Ring of Fire.
Usually you play with normal playing cards, but it gets so confusing after a while trying to remember what all the numbers mean for the game, so i made an easier version - instructing you what to do when you draw a card :)