Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cigarette box - Matchbox Memories

So for one of my projects in my second year of illustration I did a series of Matchboxes with objects in, called Matchbox Memories
Each matchbox was from a particular era - such as World War II and the 1960s etc. etc. Here's my final designs with the objects inside:
All 8

World War I
inside: compass, cigarette, an old letter, medal  cigarette card

Inside: Pearl jewellery, red lipstick, cigarette holder.

World War II
Inside: Wedding ring, money, medal, letter, cigarettes and a lighter
Box made from a ration book

Inside: matchbox, thumble, wedding ring, money, coca cola bottle cap from the 50s, religious medal

Inside: hippy flower, ticket to see the Beatles, rizla's, sixpence, and a spliff

Inside: Michael Jackson cassette, Tetris fro gameboy, royal wedding spoon
Inside: Grinder, piercing jewelerry, wristband and Nightmare before Christmas collectables

Inside: A used cigarette butt,
Box made from "Smoking kills" slogans - to outline the Smoking ban

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