Friday, 3 June 2011

Alcohol Awareness - concertina Booklets :)

I made some concertina booklets for students to have - on the front it shows a demonstration how to drink certain shooters and drinks - the Tequila shot and the Jagerbomb
On the back of the concertina booklet, it gives tips on how to stay safe when drinking

Alcohol - A Glass of its own - the health affects

I made another mini book showing the health affects of alcohol
Brain damage

Breast Cancer

Heart disease



Obesity/ Diabetes type 2

Legacy of the Ladette

I made a mini book as part of my major project, showing what women can look like on a night out - its not pretty...

Ring of Fire drinking game

So part of my project for my major project, i decided to recreate the drinking game, Ring of Fire.
Usually you play with normal playing cards, but it gets so confusing after a while trying to remember what all the numbers mean for the game, so i made an easier version - instructing you what to do when you draw a card :)