Sunday, 23 October 2011

Its been a while since Ive drawn on my hand...

Perhaps looking through my old school days stuff brought back memories of classroom antics and how i would just draw on my hand and not concentrate.
I drew on my hand today, not sure of what i was doing but i kept looking at my bones and how they moved and decided to draw the skeleton over the skin.

It reminds me of those gloves that shops had a few years ago with skeleton on them.
So this was my attempt:

I also took a scan of it too. But holding my hand steady proved difficult. 

I just washed my hand but some of the ink is still inbedded in my skin... almost looks like a henna tattoo fading :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Snooper's Paradise

So i went to Brighton this weekend to visit some old friends and was taken to The Lanes and North Lanes, beautiful little shops for the vintage fanatic.
One of the shops i went into was Snoopers Paradise, over 90 stalls of second hand and vintage objects, clothes, CDs, antiques, you name it!
I came across this photo slides/negatives. And being my age i had never seen them before but talking to one of the locals there who was obviously older than me, said i could take this these slides into any photo shop and get them redeveloped.
But i love just the size of them, much cuter than regular photes!
I bought 10 at 20p each :)

Here's my selection :)

I will be visiting again for more beautiful objects!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Gift boxing

Some people know that i love to make my own cards and personalize them.
So ive been working on a gift box for someone

Im trying to find more of these mini cylinder boxes online. This one i bought from Paper Chase, it had mini colouring pencils in it, but i just liked the box!
Here's the results

I do love Paper Chase!
I also found this little gem in there:
But for £17, i didn't want to buy it. I found it much cheaper online :)

Ta Ta for now :)

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Under construction website things

I've been recently been thinking about changing my website, as the one i have was just a simple one i had to do for a university project. And my style in my work has since changed.
So ive been working on a few images to incorporate into my website.
I'd like to have a website that shows my work in each page and not just in my portfolio

So this is what ive been working on:
(NB: these aren't finalised illustrations. There will be more edited to them)

My home page perhaps?

My contact page?

About me

I also added splashes of colour to it too:

I plan on working on it most of the time :)