Sunday, 22 April 2012


Apparently my last post was in 2011, so that was a good 5 months ago.
Ive been busy at work, but i have still ben drawing.
Here's my recents. Im currently working on tattoo designs and a 1950s fashion project for  a friend.

A birthday card for my friend's 22nd.

The coloured version came a good 3 months after the original. I'm still experimenting with the colours.

A friend had asked for a new logo and branding design. As he is a musician i designed this for him :)

I find I'm getting the majority of my references from hair magazines and fashion magazines at the moment. Some of the angles of the body are great to use!

Another birthday card design, this one for my friend Beth.

This was my sketch for my tattoo, i love dreamcatchers mainly because I find I daydream almost every 10 minutes of my day, I'll be working on something and dreaming about something else.
I'm hoping to catch some good dreams soon :)

This is what it turned out to be, i asked the artist Sini Manu, to incorporate his own design in the centre as i wanted some kind of signature of his on it.
I love it :)

And this is my self portrait, one of the first designs that i discovered the kind of style of drawing i like to do.
I'll be posting up more soon :)

Ciao for now!

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